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BE-SOL - ThEx - High performance heat exchangers and simulation software


High performance heat exchangers and simulation software

Heat exchangers are essential elements in the field of HVAC. Their effectiveness must be as important as possible so that the exchange between the two fluids is the best. The microchannel heat exchangers with louvered fins integrated by Be-Sol have excellent characteristics and offer superior efficiency.

Improved heat transfer and superior efficiency

The traditional tube and fins heat exchangers are mechanically expanded without real contact between the tubes and the fins. Be-Sol uses instead aluminum micro-channel heat exchangers with louvered fins.

BE-SOL - ThEx - High performance heat exchangers and simulation software

The direct brazing of the fins on the tubes creates a perfect continuous contact between tubes and fins, ensuring efficient heat transfer from the air to the metal. In addition, because of their small hydraulic diameter, the aluminum microchannel tubes transfer more efficiently the heat from the metal wall to the liquid.

Reduced pressure drop

Microchannel technology increases the ratio of primary surface / secondary surface and increases the airflow through the heat exchanger, providing maximum heat exchange at the same time as minimal pressure drop on air.

Reduced mass and dimensions

With a 40% higher efficiency, all-aluminum ThEx heat exchangers have a reduced mass of + 50% compared to copper heat exchangers.

100% recyclable and durable

Zinc-coated fins and tubes are made from alloys specifically developed for this technology and brazed in an inert atmosphere to create a chemically stable homogeneous assembly with leak-free seals that provide better corrosion resistance.


The innovative manufacture of these exchangers makes it possible to personalize them in many ways:

  • Wide range of input / output positioning
  • Dimensions: 122x200mm > 1200x2200mm
  • Choice of the number of internal passes
  • Flexible design

You can integrate these exchangers into your projects.

Be-Sol also offers solutions for their integration. To assist you in selecting and integrating these exchangers an online performance simulation software is available on our website. You can then contact us for a price offer.

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