BE-SOL - Airlam - Connected fan convector
BE-SOL - Airlam

New product range of fan convectors designed and developed by Be-Sol

AIRLAM is a connected fan convectors. Equipped with a high-performance heat exchanger, an electronic system that analyzes and reduces energy consumption and thanks to a system patented by Be-Sol that optimizes the distribution of the airflow, AIRLAM has many advantages.

BE-SOL - Airlam
Heat and Cold Distribution

AIRLAM has been designed to distribute heat from hot water circuits at low temperatures (from 30°C) and up to 90°C. The power output of AIRLAM 1 is already 1000W for a 35°C supply.

AIRLAM can cool the room in which it is installed by being supplied with cold water from 10°C. For example a water supply at 13°C allows the air temperature to be lowered from 32°C to 23°C.

Air Flow Distribution

AIRLAM has a horizontal diffusion of airflow that distributes optimally heat or cooling in the room.

The airflow draws fresh air from the bottom of the box through a removable filter and is evenly distributed across the vertical heat exchanger. In this way heat losses to the rear are avoided and the product can be fixed directly to the support wall.

AIRLAM is protected by a European patent application.

BE-SOL - Airlam - Air Flow Distribution
Output Power

Equipped with a very high-performance heat exchanger, AIRLAM delivers an increased output power per m² of front area compared to competing products.

This micro-channel heat exchanger with louvered fins has a very low thermal inertia and provides a very fast heating reaction which increases comfort and energy savings.

BE-SOL - Airlam - Output Power
Design, installation and maintenance

The use of robust and lightweight materials offers compactness and reduced dimensions.

Width (mm) 835 1005 1175
Height (mm) 450 450 450
Thickness (mm) 80 to 111 80 to 111 80 to 111

Thanks to its design AIRLAM is light (mass of AIRLAM 1: ± 14kg) and its installation can be carried out by a single person.

The perforated front panel can be removed easily for cleaning and maintenance of the internal parts, mainly of the heat exchanger.

Its constructive design allows aesthetic adaptations to be in harmony with its environment.

How It Works

AIRLAM does not require the installation of an additional thermostatic valve. Thanks to its integrated valve, its on-board electronic system connected to internet (IoT), its remote ambient temperature sensor and its smartphone application AIRLAM gives the user a simple and intuitive control. Each AIRLAM is its own thermostat and is independent of others. The programming of AIRLAM is done as same as a conventional thermostat by programming the periods of heating or cooling from the smartphone application.

BE-SOL - Airlam

Once the programming is done, the electronic system manages everything autonomously. However the user can modify the current temperature of the period via the application or directly on the AIRLAM device.

BE-SOL - Airlam

The positioning of the room temperature sensor is independent of where the fan convector is placed. This sensor can thus be placed in a position that corresponds to the measurement of comfort in the room. This arrangement is advantageous over thermostatic valves attached to radiators or classic fan convectors. In addition, this temperature sensor is discreet so as not to interfere with the interior design of the room.

Energy analysis

The energy output of each AIRLAM is measured by an integrated calorimetric system. At regular intervals this energy production is communicated by Internet to the user via the smartphone application (also available for consultation by web browser). This data can be used by the user and are processed intelligently by the AIRLAM system to promote energy saving.

Accounting for energy consumption can be used to automatically calculate the fair distribution of heating and cooling costs.

  • At equal power AIRLAM has a smaller footprint than the fan convectors of the market
  • Usable for heating (also at low temperatures) and cooling
  • Response time (for heating and cooling) is very short
  • No thermostatic valve, everything is electronically controlled to save energy
  • Lightweight (≈12kg) -> easily transportable and easy assembly (only one person needed))
  • Declinable in several dimensions (multiple output powers) and in several designs and colors

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